Sofa is available at everyone's house today and is used daily. Ultimately, it gets dirty very easily and frequently. Thereby, it is the house of germs and diseases and must be cleaned in a regular manner. Kucho offers affordable and best sofa cleaning at a very reasonable price with well-qualified specialists in cleaning. Cleaning your couches increases the lifespan of your sofa and makes your house and offices always look new.

Why is Sofa cleaning important?


Long life of your sofa

Dirt and dust in the valley are really hazardous for every living and non-living creature. The life span of furniture used at our houses also depends on how clean and maintained they are. Cleaning your sofa at regular intervals can obviously increase its life. Kucho has got the special cleaning service with the right chemicals to be used and the masters in cleaning to fully satisfy our customers.

Health and Sanitary

Fabrics in your sofa are very prone to collect mites and allergens. Most of us are also fond of keeping pets at home. They are attracted towards your upholstery. These can be harmful for the patients who have breathing problems. Kucho with its specialists in sofa cleaning helps you in removing those collected mites, dirt, dust and allergens from your sofa which assures your good health.


New and clean items in the rooms are always appealing and attractive. Kucho cleans your sofa with its well-experienced masters in cleaning which makes your sofa look brand new and your home and office room look charismatic.

Our Sofa Cleaning Process


Our professional evaluates the fabrics and right chemicals and machines for cleaning your sofa.


We start it with gentle dry vacuuming the couch to suck out all the dust particles and then clean it with gentle cleaning water.


We damp vacuum the couch to bid goodbye to all the chemicals which will stay alongside the dirt.

Why KUCHO for Sofa Cleaning?

• Masters in sofa cleaning in Kathmandu

• Use of right and perfect chemicals on carpet according to the materials used.

• Advanced machinery use.

• Well-experienced and reliable team of experts.

• Concerned about the healthy environment of the rooms.

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