Carpets are prone to accumulate dust, dirt, mites and allergens. These factors may damage the fire and also may affect the life of the carpet. Our professionals and expertees give you the best carpet cleaning services in the city. Advanced machinery use for carpet cleaning aids in clients' health. Ultimately, we gave extra attention in cleaning so as to look your carpet new and fresh.

Why should you clean the carpets?

Clean carpets make your house clean. They collect dust and dirt and end up a house of germs which eventually is the reason for distinctive sorts of illnesses. Carpets are the foremost utilized material at homes and workplaces and are moreover one of the dirtiest interiors. There are ways of solutions in the market while we use the best solution and chemicals based on the type of carpet and manufacturer recommendation.


Saving Time

The equipment we use for cleaning is time-saving. We value your time thereby we use powerful and efficient machines for your convinience.

RUG Cleaning

We too offer a rug cleaning benefit. Floor coverings are made in conventional ways. Subsequently we care for the esteem of an assortment of materials and colors. So we offer assistance from our experts, able to restore the unique colors of your carpets. Our cleaners utilize attempted and tried proficient medications that are secure for children and pets. These medications will offer assistance to reestablish the rug's original appearance and take off the filaments clean, new and revitalised.

Best Value

We value our customers. Hence, we offer the best and affordable price to our valued clients for cleaning packages.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process.


Our masters in cleaning professionals examines and evaluates the material used in the carpet and then gives out the right chemicals and machines for specific types of carpet in your place.


Surfaces are pre-sprayed With detergents and oxidizers to loosen dirt.


Surfaces are pre-sprayed With detergents and oxidizers to loosen dirt.

Why KUCHO for Carpet Cleaning?

• Masters in carpet cleaning in Kathmandu

• Use of right and perfect chemicals on carpet according to the materials used.

• Advanced machinery use.

• Well-experienced and reliable team of experts.

• Concerned about the healthy environment of the rooms.

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